Portsmouth HMO Landlords - are you EPC Compliant?

The deadliine of the 1st December is rapidly appraching and an EPC will be required by all Landlords with HMOs in Portsmouth.

There are three types of HMO licences: the Additional licence for HMOs with three or four occupants; the Mandatory licence for larger HMOs; and the 257 licence for certain converted flats. Understanding which category your property falls under is crucial for compliance.

With the deadline approaching, it's vital to submit your application promptly to avoid penalties of up to £30,000 and a reduced licence term. The council’s team is available to assist with the application process which will require an EPC.

At EPC Choice, we specialise in providing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), a legal necessity for all HMO landlords. Our team offers efficient, hassle-free EPC services to ensure your property meets energy efficiency standards. Complying with EPC requirements is not just a legal matter; it's a commitment to energy-efficient housing.

We are experienced in HMO properties' specific requirements and are ready to assist you. Obtain your EPC Quote HERE and apply for your HMO licence NOW. Together, we can ensure your property is compiant.

Obtain your EPC quote HERE.

Chris Grant
CEO, EPC Choice