Cheap EPC London based - UK Energy Research Centre warns of the dangers

The Report states that Assessors offering Cheap EPCs will try to cram as many EPC surveys into one day. This is "where errors occur" according industry experts. An inaccurate EPC can knock 10+ points from your EPC rating, potentially taking it below the E rating minimum legally required to let your property. This situation will be exaserbated when the new minimum C rating is introduced in 2025 under the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard. EPC Choice recognise the importance of providing a the most accurate EPC ratings in today marketplace. Every EPC Choice Assessor has completed a minimum of 5000 EPCs, is fully insured and is using the latest EPC software. The benefits of using a company established in 2008 and who provide their services to many corporate Landlords and Housing Associations are manyfold.
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